Why MESH RFQ is better

There’s nothing like MESH RFQ. This is a unique solution that lets you let go of spreadsheets and streamline any or all of your sourcing, purchasing, and quality processes.

Created by people just like you

Our sourcing experts know what your work entails because they’ve done the same work you do. This is the only product for sourcing professionals developed by Global sourcing experts.

MESH RFQ Dashboard Tablet
Laptop Large MESH RFQ Dashboard

Easy-to-use templates

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. MESH RFQ includes a robust database of specially designed templates that make it easy to purchase a wide variety of engineering commodities, including plastics, rubber, castings, forgings, and assemblies.

Ready-to-use materials lists

We’ve done the tedious job of loading and grading nearly 2,500 materials. Everything is pre-programmed and ready to use – Day One.

MESH Quality Assurance Dashboard Tablet

Works the way you do

MESH RFQ was created with the buyers’ role in mind. It’s not just a spreadsheet on steroids – it’s a daily workflow system that goes well beyond events and reverse auctions.

Built-in supplier management capabilities

We’ve created MESH RFQ with the future in mind, too. Coming soon are APQP processes integrated with and around RFQs, as well as purchasing/sourcing. MESH RFQ also lets you add supplier databases with audit videos. Smart!

Mesh Sourcing Audit Dashboard Tablet

RFQ’s just got easier.

MESH RFQ is a platform for the buyers. It’s designed for use by buyers for their day-to-day use. It’s not an ERP, it’s not a PO management or delivery management system. It’s purpose is for buyers to communicate with his/her suppliers for specific service, product, commodity, material or assembly they are purchasing. It is built on global security, technology and with view that suppliers would be located globally. It will have specific country level privacy settings and notices.

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